About Us

Education means igniting the lamp. Not just filling in buckets.  As a leader in the field of education and services to education we intend to develop Leadership among the learners.

We prepare our students for the bright future with hope and confidence by learning concepts not questions alone. Planning, Preparation and Practice are our main core themes by which students shall be nurtured and made to focus on the goal is set.

Mission: Possible

By giving right guidelines and proper motivation, a student shall set SMART goals which can be impetus to growth and attain the success in future endeavors.


The students who join JEENIUS shall succeed in the entrance examinations with the right attitude and aptitude by gaining confidence to face life with skills.


The atmosphere and ambience is so important for the success of any educational program. Our first and most priority are to provide the best in class infrastructure available at present.

The venue and classrooms are greatly ventilated with sufficient light. Wonderful atmosphere with lots of greens and pollution free classrooms and easily accessible locale creates the necessary ambience for the learners and teaching faculty.

Interactive boards and digital classrooms bring life in learning with high enthusiasm and research skills among the learners.

Study Material

The best, much needed and proven study and reference materials are provided. The selection and collection of best pattern materials and coaching them is vital.


Our methodology of coaching stands unique when comparing to others, by teaching the fundamentals and then coaching analytical skills for the empowerment to succeed in the entrance examinations.

Understanding the concepts and persistent practice make the learner confident in subjects and competent in succeeding the entrance examinations.


JEENIUS faculty is the most important and effective component of the program. Systematic and purposeful selection of faculty with passion to teach, Competent to reach the level of learners and great attitude towards education.


Personalized coaching an individual attention to every aspirant in detail. Our classroom is focused with interactive way of learning and our faculties are happy to help in clearing their doubts of all aspirants then and there, so that teaching and learning shall be an enjoyable experience.


Innovation can be viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, in-articulated needs, or existing market needs. This is accomplished through more effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas to bring changes in-order to achieve success.

In JEENIUS, we encourage and implement all creative activities and innovation with a big heart.

Research & Development

Change is constant. Every step is measured and the purpose is to train the aspirants to succeed not only in entrance examinations and also in life. In JEENIUS, R& D is a continuous and consistent process.